Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two Years as a Mommy

My life changed in so many ways two years ago. 

After a fast labor and delivery, I sat in bed with a tiny person on my chest and I fell in love - nothing else mattered. I didn't care that I wasn't wearing make-up or that my hair was a mess. I forgot that a few minutes prior the contractions made me feel like I was being hit by a train again and again...

I held my daughter against my skin and I would not trade that moment for anything else in this world. 

Two years later and that tiny person is bigger, full of spunk and no longer likes to sit still for more than 2 seconds. And I love her just the same. Every day that I get to spend with her is a precious gift. 

I cannot imagine life without Sariah Faith and I so look forward to the adventures ahead! I cannot believe my tiny baby is now a two year old little girl. 

Sariah and I - 30 minutes after she was born.

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