Monday, April 28, 2014

You Have Called Me Higher

This song has been on my lips all day and the more I sing it the more I want to declare to the Lord that I will be his for all my life. He has called me and I will go where he will lead me. 

All Sons & Daughters - You Have Called Me Higher Lyrics

  • I could just sit
  • I could just sit and wait for all your goodness
  • Hope to feel your presence
  • And I could just stay
  • I could just stay right where I am and hope to feel you
  • Hope to feel something again
  • And I could hold on
  • I could hold on to who I am and never let You change me from the inside
  • And I could be safe
  • I could be safe here in Your arms and never leave home
  • Never let these walls down
  • But you have called me higher
  • You have called me deeper
  • And I will go where you will lead me Lord
  • You have called me higher
  • You have called me deeper
  • And I will go where you lead me Lord
  • Where you lead me
  • Where you lead me Lord
  • And I will be Yours
  • I will be Yours for all my life
  • So let Your mercy light the path before me
  • Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Beach Getaway with Friends

    Sariah, John and I had a chance to getaway for a weekend with some friends and the beautiful weather, scenery and company left us wishing we could stay away longer.

    Thursday, April 17, 2014

    Nineteen Months


    • Is very attached to mommy these days
    • Likes to push her own stroller while on walks
    • Is an animal lover
    • Hiked a good chunk of a 2.5 mile trail
    • Is perfecting the art of eating with a fork
    • Can blow bubbles
    • Repeats everything we say and do
    • Says "Ice, ice, baby" every time we get close to the fridge
    • Invites Mama to join her while doing stretches
    • Gives all trees hugs and kisses
    • Is not a fan of sand touching any part of her body
    • Does not like to go to bed without saying 'night-night' to Dada
    • Enjoys changing her stuffed animal's poopy diapers
    • Loves playing with other 'babies' 
    • Wears Mama's pearl necklace with class
    • Waters the flowers in the garden with her plastic shovel 
    • Is getting her first molar
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