Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sariah's First Birthday

Every day with Sariah has been a gift and we are so thankful God has given her to us as a daughter!

God also blessed us with a beautiful day to celebrate Sariah when there was 90% chance of rain! We enjoyed time with friends and family and missed friends and family who were not able to join us.

 We pray for many celebrations in the future!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Twelve Months Old

Sariah is one year old today!

To tell you the truth, I still can't believe it. How is it possible that my little newborn girl is almost a toddler? 

She is fun and full of joy, but I miss her littleness at times and have to accept that she will only continue to grow. Looking at pictures of her first year serves as a great reminder to enjoy her every day, because she will never be this little again. 

Baby girl, mama and dada love you and we pray that you will continue to grow into a healthy toddler, sharing your joy with everyone in your life!

Sariah walks around the house holding on to the string of her birthday balloon

Top tooth on its way

"I am one year old!"

Hand motions to "Itsy-Bitsy Spider"

Curly hair everywhere

  • Stands up and walks with confidence
  • Likes to 'put away' her toys in the garbage and recycle cans
  • Cleans just about anything with her washcloth
  • Can make a hurricane size mess around the house in just a few minutes
  • Loves blueberries
  • Climbs anything that is in front of her and can climb into her bouncer
  • Gives her stuffed animals the sweetest hugs
  • Raises her hands and worships God at church
  • Loves to spread paper around the house
  • Is learning to be gentle when petting others
  • Went to sleep without nursing for the first time while mama was out during bedtime - Dada has the magical touch
  • Is getting two more teeth for a total of three teeth
  • Likes to read; her favorite book is "Thank you, God" because it has pop-up pages
  • Blows on her food before eating to make sure it is not too hot: she blows on beans, chicken, cheerios, bread, etc
  • Is super outgoing and definitely an extrovert
  • Claps when mommy sings "Happy Birthday" in Portuguese 
One year ago she looked like this:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hiking with Sariah

Long before we had kids, John and I talked about how we wanted to some day go hiking with our little ones. We were hiking Mount Angeles a couple of years ago, when we saw a 3 year old boy hiking miles and miles and we were impressed.

We took Sariah on her first hike when she was 6 months old and she was fascinated by the tall trees. Since then, Sariah has been on quite a few hikes, but now that she is a bit more mobile, she has a lot of fun exploring.

We recently hiked Table Mountain (Near Mt. Baker) and let Sariah venture out on her own for the first time!

Sariah went to sleep a few minutes into the hike. 

Picking wild blueberries!

Sariah was not a fan of having her toes dipped in cold water.

We saw a bunch of these birds. 

Off-road Roving!

Who likes to go hiking? Sariah says: "ME!"

Picture Lake - gorgeous!

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