Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Twenty-One Months

  • Is really into reading - favorite book is "Put Me in the Zoo"
  • Tries to wink
  • Walks around the house singing and dancing
  • Has a lot of opinions about clothing these days
  • Misses Dada when he goes to work everyday
  • Can identify a few emotions: happy and sad
  • Enjoys playing with other little ones
  • Is very motherly to all her stuffed animals and dolls
  • Refuses to leave a hair tie on for more than 5 seconds
  • Undresses herself when awake in her crib...mommy has been on poop clean up duty
  • Likes to watch videos of herself
  • Sits down on a specific chair in the kitchen and tells us stories 
  • Is great at eating with a fork
  • Accidentally peed in the potty for the first time
  • Is a World Cup fan!

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