Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nineteen Months


  • Is very attached to mommy these days
  • Likes to push her own stroller while on walks
  • Is an animal lover
  • Hiked a good chunk of a 2.5 mile trail
  • Is perfecting the art of eating with a fork
  • Can blow bubbles
  • Repeats everything we say and do
  • Says "Ice, ice, baby" every time we get close to the fridge
  • Invites Mama to join her while doing stretches
  • Gives all trees hugs and kisses
  • Is not a fan of sand touching any part of her body
  • Does not like to go to bed without saying 'night-night' to Dada
  • Enjoys changing her stuffed animal's poopy diapers
  • Loves playing with other 'babies' 
  • Wears Mama's pearl necklace with class
  • Waters the flowers in the garden with her plastic shovel 
  • Is getting her first molar

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