Saturday, May 17, 2014

Twenty Months


  • Got a bad rash after eating nuts for the first time - we are thinking she may be allergic and will get her tested 
  • Likes to help mommy do everything
  • Builds towers all the time just to knock them down
  • "Jesus Loves Me" is her current favorite song
  • Likes to run instead of walk
  • Dirt and water can keep her busy for a long time while outside
  • Is becoming better at remembering people's names
  • Wants to draw with pens only
  • Tells Mama and Dada when she has a poopy diaper
  • Understands so many things we say, we are often surprised
  • Is not a fan of teeth brushing
  • Asks for hugs and kisses
  • Says 'Hi" to everyone, everywhere
  • Melts mommy and daddy every time she says "I Wove You!"
  • Walks around the house wearing mommy's shoes
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